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book birthday 2

I’m celebrating Torn’s birthday with a SALE!

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✰✰✰✰✰ 5 star reviews ✰✰✰✰✰

Amazing book. Very intense. I cried throughout the whole story. Did not want to put it down to tend to kids or my duties. my son hid the book from me so I would play with him.

This book is freaking amazing! I cried and laughed and got steaming mad. It was fantastic, you must read it!!!!!!!!

Oh my, Eleanor!! This book was one of the most intensely emotional books that I have ever read!! The characters and the story are so beautifully written that you have managed to tear my heart out and stomp on it & then repair it before putting it back in. I have never had a book touch me and stay with me like this one.

WOW – what an incredible story! This is such an emotional roller coaster – I finished and just sat trying to absorb it all! I loved Katie and cried thru her journey! AND Branson “sigh” such a perfect boyfriend to have! An awesome debut book – can’t wait to see what Eleanor Green has in store for us next!

Torn is simply incredible, beautiful and heartbreaking MUST READ to get lost in it.

I couldn’t put it down!

OMG I LOVE this book!

Torn was an amazing story. This book puts you through so many different emotions. There were moments I laughed, cried, and just got angry.

Torn has a great balance between love and suspense. The author does such a great job pulling the reader in and putting them right there with the characters as the book takes unexpected twists and turns. A very passionate love story.

If you want an emotional journey about love, loss, deception and redemption, then Torn is the book for you.

“It was deeper than lust, stronger than love, and more powerful than anything she had ever experienced. She was perfectly and completely addicted to Branson.”




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